Coca-Cola Cake


I found out some really sad news this afternoon & baking is my mindless way of coping. My hubby doesn’t think a dessert is really a dessert unless it has chocolate in it & he loves Coca-Cola so I wanted to give this Coca-Cola Cake a try! I’ve heard it is so yummy & moist….

I used this recipe that I found via Pinterest:

It was a very easy recipe and was quick to make – a great combination!

Since the recipe was very simple, the instructions on this blog were pretty basic but still very good.

The finished project:

I thought it turned out very yummy… a little too yummy. I’ve already had 3 pieces tonight. My hubby thought it was good at first but decided he wasn’t a fan. He didn’t like the glaze on top. My Mom tried a piece when she came over tonight and said she wasn’t impressed, either. So… I’m going to send the cake to work with my hubby tomorrow & see what other people think! And I encourage you to try this recipe and let me know what you think!

Happy Baking!




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  1. Chocolate and coke are some of my favorite flavors together when I eat them separately. I am so totally trying this. Thank you.

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