iPad Case


When my husband got a second generation iPad, he couldn’t ever find a case that he was happy with so I set out on a mission to make one for him. My first attempt I used felt (very bad idea… I don’t recommend it). It seemed nice at first but it very quickly started to stretch out and pill. It now looks horrible. I’ve had making him a case on my to-do list for while but I finally got extra motivation to get one made – someone ordered a case so I needed to figure out a style I like!

While browsing Pinterest I found this site with a style that looked promising: http://go.tipjunkie.com/hm/490/thecottagehome.blogspot.com/2010/10/laptop-kindle-i-pad-sleeve-tutorial.html

I ended up really liking this tutorial. The tutorial is very clear and concise and has a lot of helpful and clear pictures.

Since I was making the case for a man, I chose a simple, sturdy fabric for the outside (they called for cotton) and a more interesting, cotton fabric for the inside (they called for fleece). I decided to change the pattern a little & added some padding on the inside for a little extra protection from bumps & dings. I should have added a little extra room to accommodate for this change but didn’t think about it ahead of time… but I’ll do it for the next one.

Overall, I am very happy about the way this case turned out & I’ll be making many more in the future.

I have a ton of ideas running through my head about ways to make these more fun (for ladies) in the future!

There is even enough room to slide a pen inside of it!

Argyle print on the inside, of course!

I’m excited to be back on the Pinterest Challenge and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did!



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