Cake Batter Pie


It’s day 3 of my Pinterest Challenge and I decided to do a baking project today.

I chose a Cake Batter Pie recipe I found on Pinterest, because I LOVE cake batter so I thought that this one would be perfect!

This blog: has a whole slew of cake batter recipes they’ve compiled into one post (next time I might try the cake batter pancakes…).

I started with the ingredients (that’s always a good place to start when cooking/baking):

I also highly recommend you read a recipe in it’s entirety before you actually start.

The directions for this recipe were well written and easy to understand.

Alterations: I didn’t have whole milk so I used skim. I didn’t make my own crust (for time’s sake). I don’t own a sieve so I made sure I didn’t stop whisking the whole time it was cooking on the stove (I didn’t end up having a problem with lumps).


The verdict: meh.

I left it in the refrigerator for 24 hrs after making it (they recommend at least 6) but when I served myself a piece, it flattened :/

And the taste is not something to write home about… the vanilla is too strong and it didn’t taste much like cake batter at all. It is pretty and I’m glad I tried it (and I’m sure it would be a hit for people with different tastes) but I won’t be making it again.



I go to garage sales pretty much every weekend with my Mom & my Aunt Linda (my sweet hubby is nice enough to watch our daughter so I can go sans baby… it’s just too hot for her out there). Sometimes we know specific things we want, but more times that not, we are out there just to enjoy each others’ company & see what great deals we can score! So… I’m going to add a “Deal of the Day” section to my blogs where I show you what I believe to be the best deal I got that day!


I believe today was a tie. I can’t pick between this little Michael Kors purse I got for $5….

… or ….

these ridiculously cute Converse shoes I got for my daughter for $2 (never been worn).

Which do you think? (I know which is better price-wise… but I am completely in love with these little shoes!)


I hope you have found some helpful stuff! Have a blessed day!



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