Budget Dessert Tray


I love online tutorials. You can basically find a tutorial for anything you might want to create. Although some you strike out in the description or picture category, overall it’s a great way to learn a new trick!

I keep seeing all of these cute dessert trays made out of random melamine plates & bowls. And since I always love a good dessert tray, I decided to give it a shot.

The supplies:

glue (you can pick whatever kind will work best with the plates & candlestick you choose)

2 (or more) plates/bowls

short candlestick (tall is pretty but not very stable)

I spent a total of $2.25 on my supplies (since I already had the glue).

Large plate: Target clearance, $1.48

Square plate: garage sales, $.50

Candlestick: garage sale, $.25

(you’ll soon learn that a large majority of what I own is from garage sales… and the rest is from Target clearance.)

It would probably be smart to measure & find the exact center of your bottom plate, but I’m not a fan of measuring (too impatient) so I went with the eyeball-it method. I flipped the square plate over, put glue on the top of the candlestick, and pushed the candlestick hard onto the plate center(ish). After it set for a minute, I put glue on the bottom of the candlestick & pressed it hard onto the center(ish) of the plate. Easy-peasy.

After completing this project, I do wish that either the bottom plate was larger or the top plate was smaller — but hey, cheap people can’t be choosers… or however the saying goes.

(um, are y’all as obsessed with Pinterest as I am? I love that site!! I have enough tutorials & recipes “pinned” on that site to last me the next year… so be ready for more fun in the very-near future!)


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