Coca-Cola Cake


I found out some really sad news this afternoon & baking is my mindless way of coping. My hubby doesn’t think a dessert is really a dessert unless it has chocolate in it & he loves Coca-Cola so I wanted to give this Coca-Cola Cake a try! I’ve heard it is so yummy & moist….

I used this recipe that I found via Pinterest:

It was a very easy recipe and was quick to make – a great combination!

Since the recipe was very simple, the instructions on this blog were pretty basic but still very good.

The finished project:

I thought it turned out very yummy… a little too yummy. I’ve already had 3 pieces tonight. My hubby thought it was good at first but decided he wasn’t a fan. He didn’t like the glaze on top. My Mom tried a piece when she came over tonight and said she wasn’t impressed, either. So… I’m going to send the cake to work with my hubby tomorrow & see what other people think! And I encourage you to try this recipe and let me know what you think!

Happy Baking!




iPad Case


When my husband got a second generation iPad, he couldn’t ever find a case that he was happy with so I set out on a mission to make one for him. My first attempt I used felt (very bad idea… I don’t recommend it). It seemed nice at first but it very quickly started to stretch out and pill. It now looks horrible. I’ve had making him a case on my to-do list for while but I finally got extra motivation to get one made – someone ordered a case so I needed to figure out a style I like!

While browsing Pinterest I found this site with a style that looked promising:

I ended up really liking this tutorial. The tutorial is very clear and concise and has a lot of helpful and clear pictures.

Since I was making the case for a man, I chose a simple, sturdy fabric for the outside (they called for cotton) and a more interesting, cotton fabric for the inside (they called for fleece). I decided to change the pattern a little & added some padding on the inside for a little extra protection from bumps & dings. I should have added a little extra room to accommodate for this change but didn’t think about it ahead of time… but I’ll do it for the next one.

Overall, I am very happy about the way this case turned out & I’ll be making many more in the future.

I have a ton of ideas running through my head about ways to make these more fun (for ladies) in the future!

There is even enough room to slide a pen inside of it!

Argyle print on the inside, of course!

I’m excited to be back on the Pinterest Challenge and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did!


Cake Batter Pie


It’s day 3 of my Pinterest Challenge and I decided to do a baking project today.

I chose a Cake Batter Pie recipe I found on Pinterest, because I LOVE cake batter so I thought that this one would be perfect!

This blog: has a whole slew of cake batter recipes they’ve compiled into one post (next time I might try the cake batter pancakes…).

I started with the ingredients (that’s always a good place to start when cooking/baking):

I also highly recommend you read a recipe in it’s entirety before you actually start.

The directions for this recipe were well written and easy to understand.

Alterations: I didn’t have whole milk so I used skim. I didn’t make my own crust (for time’s sake). I don’t own a sieve so I made sure I didn’t stop whisking the whole time it was cooking on the stove (I didn’t end up having a problem with lumps).


The verdict: meh.

I left it in the refrigerator for 24 hrs after making it (they recommend at least 6) but when I served myself a piece, it flattened :/

And the taste is not something to write home about… the vanilla is too strong and it didn’t taste much like cake batter at all. It is pretty and I’m glad I tried it (and I’m sure it would be a hit for people with different tastes) but I won’t be making it again.



I go to garage sales pretty much every weekend with my Mom & my Aunt Linda (my sweet hubby is nice enough to watch our daughter so I can go sans baby… it’s just too hot for her out there). Sometimes we know specific things we want, but more times that not, we are out there just to enjoy each others’ company & see what great deals we can score! So… I’m going to add a “Deal of the Day” section to my blogs where I show you what I believe to be the best deal I got that day!


I believe today was a tie. I can’t pick between this little Michael Kors purse I got for $5….

… or ….

these ridiculously cute Converse shoes I got for my daughter for $2 (never been worn).

Which do you think? (I know which is better price-wise… but I am completely in love with these little shoes!)


I hope you have found some helpful stuff! Have a blessed day!


Homemade Scrub Cap


It’s day 2 of my Pinterest Challenge and here’s the project I chose to do:

Today I attempted a project that could have so many creative possibilities! I made a scrub cap. You could do so many fun pattern/color combinations when you get to pick everything!

This was a well-done tutorial:

I didn’t have any double-fold bias tape so I used grosgrain ribbon for the edging & tie. The only thing I will do differently next time, is I would make the ribbon/tie longer. I know it doesn’t need to be very long (it’s not like you want a long, flowing bow running down your back) but I didn’t think it was quite long enough to tie a good bow that would stay. And the second time I stitched around the inside, I did a zig-zag stitch for extra durability.

But other than that — love!

It probably took me about an hour, maybe a little more — but that’s because it takes longer to pin ribbon along the edge than it would have to pin bias tape. I highly recommend this one!

There’s the back (sorry, my dog likes to lay next to me when I sit down so she’s in some of my pictures…).

And there it is flattened. You could make the bottom part one material & the top another, bright colored edging, oh the possibilities!

I hope you enjoyed this one! Check back tomorrow for another Pinterest Challenge Project!



Reusable Swiffer Pad


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been spending way too much time on Pinterest. So I decided to try to make it a little more worth my time. So I’ve issued myself a 7-day Craft Project/Recipe Challenge. Over the next week, I want to make a craft project or try a recipe that I found on Pinterest. Tonight, I thought I’d do a more practical project: a reusable Swiffer pad.

I found this project on this blog:

It was a pretty simple project & the blog had great instructions. All together, it probably took me an hour to complete. Not too shabby for something that will save me a good amount of money in the future!

The one in the blog I got the instructions from turned out cuter than mine because she used bright colored terry cloth, but since I’m trying to do all of these projects on a budget of $0, I went with the pale pink & light blue that I already had.

This is my lovely “before” picture…. ooohhh, aaahhhh.

After following the instructions on the blog I mentioned above, I ended up with this little gem!

All in all, I’m very happy with this project! I’m going to have to take a little time & go through the other tutorials on this person’s blog!

Simple. Practical. Green.

If you make one of these, I’d love to see how it turns out! And of course, happy hunting on Pinterest!







Budget Dessert Tray


I love online tutorials. You can basically find a tutorial for anything you might want to create. Although some you strike out in the description or picture category, overall it’s a great way to learn a new trick!

I keep seeing all of these cute dessert trays made out of random melamine plates & bowls. And since I always love a good dessert tray, I decided to give it a shot.

The supplies:

glue (you can pick whatever kind will work best with the plates & candlestick you choose)

2 (or more) plates/bowls

short candlestick (tall is pretty but not very stable)

I spent a total of $2.25 on my supplies (since I already had the glue).

Large plate: Target clearance, $1.48

Square plate: garage sales, $.50

Candlestick: garage sale, $.25

(you’ll soon learn that a large majority of what I own is from garage sales… and the rest is from Target clearance.)

It would probably be smart to measure & find the exact center of your bottom plate, but I’m not a fan of measuring (too impatient) so I went with the eyeball-it method. I flipped the square plate over, put glue on the top of the candlestick, and pushed the candlestick hard onto the plate center(ish). After it set for a minute, I put glue on the bottom of the candlestick & pressed it hard onto the center(ish) of the plate. Easy-peasy.

After completing this project, I do wish that either the bottom plate was larger or the top plate was smaller — but hey, cheap people can’t be choosers… or however the saying goes.

(um, are y’all as obsessed with Pinterest as I am? I love that site!! I have enough tutorials & recipes “pinned” on that site to last me the next year… so be ready for more fun in the very-near future!)

In My Mind


I am blessed to be a work-at-home mom while I raise my beautiful 10-month old daughter. I have a loving and supportive husband who is a children’s pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine (he is also the Animation Director for their children’s curriculum, Elevate & Elevate Jr.).

As many parent’s know, a lot of times during the day you don’t have anyone to talk to except your child (which I do… out loud… a lot). The problem is, she’s too young to engage in my riveting conversations and ideas. This has led me to lots of mind wandering so I thought a blog would be the best way to unclutter my mind & help clutter up the internets!

I am excited about sharing the randomness of my days with you all. I will also be featuring craft projects, bargain shopping, sewing, and anything else that happens to tickle my fancy on any given day.

Welcome to my blog!!